A review of each piece of Pewdiepie Merchandise, including pros and cons

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One of the most famous and beloved YouTube stars, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, has a plethora of merchandise at his disposal. As a YouTuber with more than 40 million subscribers, he is constantly under pressure to keep up with his audience’s interests and desires. But how does it all compare? Which is the best PewDiePie clothing line for your buck? And does he have any exclusive clothing lines you can’t find elsewhere? We’ll give you everything you need to know about every piece of clothing made by one of YouTube’s biggest stars!

1. What are the benefits of buying PewDiePie clothing?

If you’re looking for PewDiePie merchandise, you’re in luck. You can purchase various T-shirts, hats, and hoodies with the PewDiePie logo. These items are made by PewDiePie fans and are not officially licensed merchandise.


2. A list of every piece of clothing under PewDiePie’s name

If you’re trying to build a brand, planning out your branded items is a great way to get your name out there. You can use your logo or name on clothes, stickers, bags, mugs, or anything else you can think of.This list of viral sensations says it all — check it out for everything from funny t-shirts, to tops, and even to underwear. 1. HALO BIKES When people think of walking down the street, they hardly associate it with “boarding” a drone. However, “flying” a drone is precisely what people do when they “boards” an interactive HI-LO emojibot. Flying these devices is legal and completely safe (No kids were hurt in the making of this post), but that hasn’t stopped these mini autonomous flying machines from taking over the world. This product was developed by Toy Mountain robotics, an engineering design and prototyping-based toy toy company, in partnership with Halo Holdings, a US interactive entertainment brand that thrives on film, television, games, and comic book properties. The device is an integral part of the Halo series, which consists of new interactive games for all ages. 2. HALO WALK Walk by any Halo billboard and you’re sure to see one of these branded, interactive walls. Prior to ‘Walk,’ this line of billboards featured a ‘live demo’ of what “drones do”. Now they’ve transformed into walking and talking screens, providing kids with a way to play, learn, and do anything in 3D while staying safe. 3. NASA PI If you’ve ever considered becoming a NASA astronaut, this interactive toy was built to help you take action. You simply have to look at the correct configuration of six positions to ‘program’ the device and launch spaceship. No previous experience is necessary, or teaching! 4. ROCKET RACING Maybe you actually like robots. Maybe you’d become obsessed with robot cars racing. If so, then take a closer look at Rocket Racing. By downloading its app, you can race real life rocket replicas of your own.


3. A review of each piece of clothing, including pros and cons

To get a more realistic idea of how a piece of clothing fits, I recommend you try on a variety of sizes of the same item of clothing. For example, if you want to try on a blouse, try on a small, a medium and a large. Try on a skirt in a size 6 and a size 8.It should then be easy to tell which size is closer to a small versus a large. While some videos are meant for young children, PewdiePie definitely has an audience that is nearly perfect at finding (and rejecting) clothing based on his cartoonish appeal. Let’s go back to that famous PewdiePie video, where he’s managed to make hilarious click-bait videos. While there is definitely a certain amount of awkward humor, PewdiePie has managed to make his videos stick around. To this degree, there always seems to be a new shirt, sweater or hat that he wows his audience with. These seemingly random items of clothing lead to some of the most popular videos on YouTube, and provide an easy image to remember when they show up in the mail. Because loads of merchandise from the PewdiePie Collection company is geared to appeals to young children, you may realize that their clothes don’t have the most neutral or comfy qualities. And that is in regards to many of the items that fall in the Wish You Were Ice Baby, Kid Cancer and Sleep Over collections. It’s important to keep this in mind, because many other items could easily be considered inappropriate for a younger audience. With that in mind, I recommend you set your expectations with clothing based on your budget. A good rule of thumb is to check out the ‘Buy Anywhere’ and the ‘Eloise Garbage’ collections and decide if you can stomach the openly adult items. If you can, you will probably love it! Finding clothing that your audience might be okay with can provide great profits for the clothing and the company.

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