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Genshin Impact is proud to announce the release of its first line of officially licensed merchandise. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, make sure you check it out here.

Genshin Impact T-Shirt


1. Genshin Impact is proud to announce the release of its first line of officially licensed merchandise.


Genshin Impact is proud to announce the release of its first line of officially licensed merchandise. The official Genshin Impact shirts are now available for purchase online at the Genshin Impact online store. The shirts are designed to help promote our upcoming game, Genshin Impact, and help us raise awareness for our game.The shirts feature the campaign’s mascot, Kenshin, from the popular arcade game, Kenshin Himura: Warrior Within. The Warrior Within arcade game series has become quite popular over the years as a result of the game’s amazing repetitive beat-em-up action.

Kenshin is taking over the role of merchandising and promoting the game around the world, and the Genshin Impact shirts help introduce Kenshin to new fans. The first print run of the shirt is limited to only 100 sold, so be sure to scoop them up while they’re hot!

The real kicker about the shirts is that they feature the incredibly rare artwork of both Kenshin Himura and The Evil Slyde straight from the game. As an added bonus, there is also an all new print featuring the classic Kenshin pose from the game!

There are many other great ways to participate in cool communities and online lines of merchandise, but this is a cool portfolio piece as well! If you want to pick up the shirts, visit the online store.

Which shirt is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Evil Slyde – Published by Maximum Force Publishing [Ricardo Baeza Jr.



2. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, make sure you check it out here.


If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact , please do check out the blog. The articles are in Japanese, but there are English subtitles for the videos, so you can learn more about the blog or just watch some videos.As previously announced, Genshin Impact is working hard on releasing a live-action film based on the visual novel, with plans to adapt it into a 3D animated movie. During the recent Nico Broadcast event, Okawara revealed that production is wrapping up and that filming will officially begin next summer. (Thanks, @ramonya on Twitter!)

If you’re a fan of the visual novel and want to see what it looks like when it has its own film page, here’s a screencap from episode 1.

In the meantime, Genshin Impact is already hard at work working on new products and pilot projects. You can follow the team on Twitter (@genshin_ie) and its blog here.

Thanks to Akio Ohtaka and Okawara-san for organizing and translating the event and to @dr_trifecta for his photoshop skills. (Anyone else like Kellen and Randy? ROI! ROI! Photo cred @trifecta)


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Cyberpunk 2077 (recently adapted into a movie by Josh Boone)

Collectibles and cosplay props from the game (including a T-77 police car).

The strength-enhancing drug Bathisa (details on how to craft the drug and how it’s used as a plot device are available on the GameForce297 site). Fragments can be used to study the effects of the drug – intriguing if not wholly useful information.

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Less than exciting, but still welcome to the club: Vince sports a pile of crappy (but fun) looking t-shirts emblazoned with “Chinny Sas-chan 2077”. (Thanks @tokyedodd for the kickstarting this.



3. The official Genshin Impact store offers unique clothing and other merchandise that you won’t find elsewhere!


If you want to stay up to date on all of our activities, be sure to check out our official store for Genshin Impact merchandise. Everything in the store is exclusive to us, and you won’t find these items anywhere else.

The Genshin Impact Sexiest Fighting Couples

The Genshin Impact Sexiest Fighting Couples is one of our newest and sexiest t-shirts. All of our merchandise is 100% exclusive and only available from our store.

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Conclusion: Now that you’ve read up on all of the great products Genshin Impact has to offer, there’s nothing left to do but check them out for yourself!


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